Cold and rain expected to linger until at least Saturday

The chill that has gripped the Central Valley probably will continue through Saturday because there is yet another cold front on the way. This is the third of the season, said the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional.

The cold weather also has caused rain on the Caribbean coast, in the Cartago area and somewhat less in San José.

Cartago was experiencing 14-degree C weather early today. That’s about 57 degrees F, but strong winds make the weather seem colder.  Even beach communities were having their own cold waves of sorts as the mercury fell to 23 degrees C overnight. That is 73 degrees F.

The capital had rain in the late afternoon and evening, but the amount was moderate compared to reports that from 150 millimeters to 270 millimeters had fallen in the Caribbean mountains in the previous 24 hours ending at 7 p.m. Tuesday. That is nearly six inches to 10.5 inches.

Accumulations of up to 100 millimeters or about 4 inches of rain are expected today on the Caribbean coast, although the amounts will be highly variable, said the weather institute.

Much less rain is predicted for the Central Valley and the northern Pacific, but the central and southern Pacific should see more.

The weather institute said that there have been gusts up to 90 kph or 56 mph in the Central Valley and the northern Pacific. The winds are expected to diminish slightly.

The Consejo Nacional de Vialidad, the road agency, reported a slide on Ruta 32 in the mountains north of San José causing officials to close the road for safety at 6 p.m. Tuesday. The route was expected to be open again at 5 a.m. as daylight arrives.

The highway has frequent slides.

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