Computer kiosks will let business talk to government

Costa Rica’s minister of economy signed an agreement with two leaders of international organizations that will give Costa Rican businesses the ability to contact the government through computer kiosks around the country.

The program, Administratel, allows users to make complaints to the government, file certifications and register themselves as small- or medium-sized businesses at electronic kiosks throughout the country, officials said.

Mayi Antillón, minister of Economía, Industria y Comercio also signed an agreement that will secure resources for a television channel called Euripides, which will air training and informative programs geared towards small business owners and their customers.

Resources for the program will come from the European Foundation for Information Society. The foundation president, Enrique Baron, signed the agreement and gave a speech on cooperation between Central America and Spain.

The Ibero-american General Secretariat also is contributing resources for the program, and was represented by Enrique Iglesias.

These electronic kiosks will be placed in malls and commercial centers around the country, according to a press release issued after the signing Monday. Both programs are expected to come online sometime next year.

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