Contralora general cites criminality in new highway

The contralora general de la República told lawmakers Tuesday that her study of the new highway along the Río San Juan disclosed information that she thought warranted a criminal investigation.

The contralora general, Marta Acosta Zúñiga, said she reported this information to the prosecutors in the Ministerio Público. She was speaking before the Comisión Permanente Especial de Control de Ingreso y Gasto Público.

There already are investigations under way involving the new Ruta 1856. It was badly built with shoddy materials and parts are already collapsing. The road was designed to open up the area along the river to vehicle traffic because Nicaragua owns the river.

Construction began after Nicaraguan soldiers invaded part of Costa Rica.

Ms. Acosta declined to give detailed information citing laws that prohibit disclosure of criminal investigations. However, it is well known that many employees and former employees of the Ministerio de Obras Pública y Transportes are under investigation.

Ms. Acosta’s study covered more complex areas than construction and included a look into the financing and handling of money.

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