Dogs and cats poisoned, and no suspects located

Animal lovers are frustrated in Paraíso de Cartago. Poisoned street dogs and cats continue to mount up.

Estimates are that more than 50 have been poisoned in recent weeks.

The residents are so upset by this continual slaughter of animals that they held a march Sunday with signs and banners. A few days later, more animals turned up dead.

Leading the campaign is the Organización Protección y Rescate de Animales de la Calle. Volunteers in the organization have expressed their unhappiness with the way public officials decline to become involved and seem to pass the buck.   For the Servicio Nacional de Salud Animal, the problem is one for the Fuerza Pública, but the police have more urgent problems than tracking down dog and cat killers.

The volunteers have been unsuccessful in finding out who is killing the creatures. They have posted photos of the dead dogs and a cat on the organization Web site.

Street dogs and cats are a problem in Costa Rica. That is why organizations hold clinics to spay and fix the animals. But those involved in animal welfare point out that poison does not discriminate, and indiscriminate use can have unintended results.

Meanwhile, the animal poisoner or poisoners seem to be moving around the Paraíso area with dead animals turning up in different sections of the community.

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