Employee held in fire at Ecuadorian Embassy

Judicial investigators arrested a woman Friday who they suspect intentionally set the Embassy of Ecuador in San José on fire Wednesday.

The suspect is María de los Angeles Solano Bustos, who worked as a secretary at the embassy, a Judicial Investigating Organization spokesperson confirmed.

The only reason investigators gave as to why Ms. Solano is suspected of having started the fire was due to problems that she was having with coworkers.

The alert came in for the fire at 5:05 a.m. on Wednesday for the building in Rohrmoser. A.M. Costa Rica reported Thursday that investigators found four points where separate fires were started in addition to crumpled newspaper dipped in flammable substances. This led investigators to suspect that the fire was arson.

The judicial bulletin said that Ms. Solano entered the offices at around 5 a.m. even though employees were not supposed to enter before the work day begins three hours later.

The bulletin also said that Ms. Solano called her boss from the office to say that she had heard footsteps on the second floor before she left the office and pulled the fire alarm.

Investigators estimate that about 50 percent of the building suffered damage, mostly on the second floor of the two-story building.

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