Fake customer allows robber buddy to enter

Two armed men robbed a jewelry store in the city of Alajuela around midday Tuesday, according to a bulletin from judicial investigators.

The robbers took about 22 million colons (about $44,000) worth of property from the store, investigators said.

A Judicial Investigating Organization spokesperson said that the store is called Arezzon Joyería near Parque Central in downtown Alajuela.

The bulletin said that the owner of the shop pushed a button to unlock the door and allow one person into the store at around 12:10. That man pretended to be interested in several pieces of jewelry and asked to inspect them more closely.

While the owner pulled these out, the individual pushed the button again and allowed an accomplice to enter the store, the bulletin said. The two men then pulled out guns and forced the owner to lie on the floor while they took when they wanted.

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