Fire at Ecuadorian Embassy appears to have been arson

Investigators determined that a fire that severely damaged the Embassy of Ecuador in San José Wednesday morning was set intentionally.

An investigating unit from the Cuerpo de Bomberos de Costa Rica found numerous locations where the fire started and also found materials meant to intensify the flames.

A press release from the Judicial Investigating Organization did not go so far as to call it arson, but admitted that agents found evidence that the fire was intentional.

No one was hurt in the fire, but a report from the fire fighters said that the entire second floor of the building suffered damages from the flames. According to the fire fighters’ report, the alarm came in at 5:05 Wednesday morning. Crews arrived 5:10 a.m. and the fire was under control by 5:30.

The embassy is in Rohrmoser.

The fire agency conducted an investigation of the cause of the fire afterwards, and arson experts reported that they found four separate points where fires started. Additionally, they also said they found evidence of chemicals to stoke and accelerate the fire in seven different places throughout the building. Bundled newspapers soaked in the chemicals were stuffed under doors.

Judicial investigators also conducted their own investigation of the fire. While they have not officially ruled the fire an arson, investigators did admit that a canine unit found evidence that backs up the fire fighters’ assessment.

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