Firm wins excellence award for second year in a row

A local manufacturer received high honors from the Cámara de Industrias de Costa Rica at an annual business awards ceremony Thursday.

The company, Productos de Espuma S.A., or just Prodex, won the highest award for general excellence for the second year in a row, according to a press release from the chamber.

Additionally the chamber of industries gave Prodex awards for being the top business in leadership and strategic planning, customer focus and market innovation as well as technology.

The annual award is actually part of an evaluation process called Programa a la Excelencia that businesses enlist the chamber to perform. The evaluations show participating businesses how they can improve. The chamber gives out awards based on these evaluations and improvements made as a result.

Prodex makes plastic thermal reflectors and polyethylene packing materials. It says that 75 percent of its products are exported.

44 businesses participated this year in the program and the awards process, the fifteenth year of the program.

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