Funeral of Tim Hodgson was held Wednesday

The funeral for Tim Hodgson, a partner in the downtown Hotel Del Ray, was held Wednesday. The long-time businessman here is believed to have died from a heart attack.

Hodgson is originally from England and came to Costa Rica in 1993 where he and a group of partners bought and remodeled an old apartment building. The apartment was turned into the now iconic Hotel Del Rey that is located in the center of San José at Avenida Primera and Calle 9. Complete with a bar and casino, the establishment features a bustling night life.

Apart from his working success, Hodgson will be remembered for his grey, waxed handlebar mustache and his triumph over adversity. During the 1990’s while on a vacation in Cuba he suffered a motorcycle accident that cost him a leg, leaving him to live the duration of his life with a prosthetic limb.

His moral outlook can be summarized by the Englishman’s favorite quote listed on his Facebook page, “Avoid having your toes trodden on, don’t tread on other peoples toes.”

A friend described Hodgson as a proper English gentleman and said he was an avid fisherman. The friend, Dan Wise of Rio Colorado Lodge in northeast Costa Rica, said that Hodgson would visit the area at least six times a year. The place is known for tarpon fishing.

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