General Cañas Autopista to be opened fully today

Highway workers were supposed to open the westbound land of the Autopista General Cañas at 5 a.m. today after a rush job over the weekend of back filling a construction site.

This is where the road washed out and bailey bridges were installed. After a series of events worthy of a television soap opera, workmen were able to put down asphalt over the weekend. The eastbound lanes already had been brought back into service.

By midday Sunday the road was ready except for white lines.

This is where a spillway washed out and created a big hole in the westbound lanes. So officials decided to put both east and westbound lanes on bailey bridges and excavate completely the ground underneath. Workmen installed concrete arches and were about to finishing that part of the job when an 84-ton self-propelled crane tried to cross one of the two bridges on the eastbound lanes. That weight is about twice the maximum for the temporary steel structures.

What followed was a day and a half of trying to get the large vehicle off the span. Then the damaged span was disassembled and fill dirt put in to bring the soil up to highway surface.

Then the procedure was repeated for the westbound lanes.

All the while motorists suffered delays and detours.

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