Gunplay on Guachipelín roadway leaves man dead

Judicial agents say the motive was prior personal problems that led to the shooting of two men Saturday afternoon at Guachipelín, Escazú.

One of the victims died.

Escazú Policía Municipal made the arrest of two suspects not far away, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. Several passers-by witnessed the shooting and followed the suspects to their residence, said agents.

The killing took place just off Ruta 27 at the highway entrance to Guachipelín. The two victims were on a bicycle and had traveled from Santa Ana.

Two men confronted them, and four shots were
fired, said agents. The dead man was identified by the last name of Estrada. He was 35, agents said. The other man on the bike had the last name of Toledo, agents said. He suffered a wound in the left arm, they said.

Estrada suffered four bullet wounds in various parts of his body. One of the assailants had a pistol in a bag. He produced it and began firing, agents said.

The suspects were detained in a room on a street identified by the name Boquerón, said agents. Agents confiscated a pistol and confiscated clothing to submit for a test of gun powder, they said. The hands of the suspect also were checked.

Investigators did not elaborate on the motive. They just said that the suspects and the victims had had personal problems in the past.

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