It’s a wonderful country but changes are needed

Re: Article Tuesday: “The big question among hospitality operators for the last three years has been: Where are all the tourists?”

Maybe they are starting to learn the truth about Costa Rica. Maybe if Costa Rica would spend the 30+
million on roads, crime and traffic control instead of advertising how wonderful Costa Rica is they might
get more tourist. Another thing that would help would be some turnouts on the roads so the country
can be seen.

A big start would be take all the speed bumps and put them in the holes. Take the 8 to high as 16 police
at a time checking on up-to-date stickers and have them give out tickets for speeding, improper lane usage,
running stop signs and lights — and the list goes on and on.

When I first moved here my wife (Tica) and I were inviting everyone we knew to come visit Costa Rica. About
2008 is when she said don’t invite anyone to come here any more.

Bob Woodrow
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