Judicial agents confiscate a U.S. style hand grenade

Judicial Investigating Organization photo
Grenade was wrapped in material

Worried about what to get for the person who has everything? How about a fragmentation grenade?

Police detained a U.S. citizen and a Nicaraguan man Tuesday, and said that the pair were engaged in an exchange of such an explosive device. A Judicial Investigating Organization spokesperson confirmed that the U.S. citizen involved is 56-year-old Mark Broffard.

Although the device may not have been a Christmas present, such grenades are prized collector items. A photo released by judicial agents clearly showed part of the grenade and the neck with the yellow marking showing that it was of the fragmentation type. There was no report if the body of the grenade still was filled with explosives or if it had been deactivated.

According to the report, agents received a tip that the two might exchange illegal explosives on a street in Playa Hermosa at around 10 a.m. Tuesday.

When police detained the two men, they found a package with them that contained a fragmentation grenade, the report said. Investigators said they believe that Broffard gave the grenade to the other man.

Such a device is lethal, and many were distributed during the Nicaraguan civil war. U.S. forces now use a more modern device.

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