Lawmaker wants to expand Turrialba park to help farmers

A lawmaker is proposing the government buy up the private land within a five-kilometer radius of Volcán Turrialba.

This is the area that was highlighted last week by an emergency commission report. The commission recommended removing all agricultural use from the five-kilometer zone and turning the outer three kilometers to forest.

The volcano and its acid fumes have caused extensive damage to vegetation in the area. There are some farms within the two kilometer red zone. There are a number within five kilometers.

The proposal by Alfonso Pérez Gómez of the Partido

Liberación Nacional, would be to extend the limits of Parque Nacional Turrialba to include the threatened area. If that is done, the government would be obligated to buy the land.

Many of the agricultural operations are dairy farms. The pastures have been affected by the acid rains. The Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias created a map of the threatened areas. That map is HERE!

Pérez did not say that the park boundaries should follow the emergency commission’s map. He suggested that experts should fix the actual limits.

The commission also said that emergency routes from the volcano should be improved.

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