More belt tightening sought to keep power bills lower

In response to your story that ICE will be raising electrical power rates, I have the following comments. ICE personnel in Nuevo Arenal are pleasant and helpful and respond in a timely manner when asked to investigate an electrical problem.

However, it is my opinion that ICE would not need to raise electrical power rates if they reduced their spending in the following areas:

a.) Reduce or end support of professional athletic teams.

b.) Sell some of their vast property holdings.

c.) Reduce the number of ICE employers. Have you noticed ICE employers painting “ICE” on each concrete fence post on their property?

d.) Purchase less expensive vehicles. Mercedes Benz and Volvo trucks are quite expensive. Repair parts for these vehicles are very expensive.

e.) Repair their vehicles when they need repair and not let them sit until they can’t be repaired and have to be replaced.

f.) Do not permit their drivers to speed while driving their vehicles. Gas is expensive.

I am sure that I have left out other areas that ICE can reduce spending, such as executive salaries and pensions.

Al Almeida
Nuevo Aenal

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