Motor fuel prices are headed down, regulating agency says

The ever-changing fuel prices in Costa Rica are changing again. The price regulating agency said Thursday that gasoline and diesel prices were going down to reflect changes in the world market.

The change for November is small, but a much larger price cut is estimated for December. Gasoline prices already are more than $5 a gallon.

The Authoridad Reguladora de Servicios Públicos said that super gasoline would be going down 17 colons per liter when the new prices are published. That’s about 4.3 U.S. cents. Plus gasoline will drop 12 colons or 2.4 U.S. cents. Diesel will have a negligible reduction of 2 colons per liter.

A better scenario is painted for December when super will drop 79 colons or 16.8 U.S. cents per liter and plus will drop 69 colons or 13.8 U.S. cents per liter. Diesel is expected to decline 25 colons per liter or about 5 U.S. cents.

Costa Rica imports all its petroleum products so it is a captive of the world market.

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