Murder was highest cause of death in October, Cruz Roja says

More people were murdered in Costa Rica during the month of October than were killed by traffic collisions or any other violent form of death, according to a Cruz Roja report.

Of all of the 75 violent deaths that occurred in Costa Rica last month, more than a quarter of them were murders.

So far this year, 820 people have come to violent ends this year, the report says.

The Cruz Roja report says that these types of deaths can be reduced if people stop buying and selling weapons, pay better attention in their cars and follow traffic rules.

These results are part of a monthly statistics report compiled by the organization about unnatural deaths their staffers handle in Costa Rica. The data is not complete because sometimes rescue workers are not called to the scene when it is obvious that someone has been dead for some time.

The report mostly looks into murders and deaths as a result of vehicular accidents. These accidents include traffic collisions, people being run over by cars, people being trapped in
vehicles, boating accidents and others that are all separate categories.

The report says that 20 people were either shot or stabbed to death last month, which is the highest number of the 11 categories. 18 people died from being in traffic collisions, being run over, overturning their vehicles. Six people also died in boating accidents, and four died from burns or electrical shocks.

The remaining 27 deaths were from various forms of urgent trauma or of unknown causes.

The report also says that Cruz Roja temporarily cared for 190 people last month, 101 of those people suffered injuries in traffic accidents.

Of those 101 who were injured in car accidents, researchers found a 25 percent mortality rate. The report specifically says that for every eight people injured, six were rescued by the Red Cross and two died at the scene.

Researchers also noted that 820 people have died in these ways so far this year, which is down from 827 at this time last year.
Researchers also noted that 75 people also died in August, and 92 people died in September.

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