Officials torch illegal fireworks in advance of holiday season

Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía
y Seguridad Pública/Jorge Alonso Alvarez V.
Police officer passes display of illegal materials

Intelligence agency workers destroyed 134,995 fireworks Tuesday in Moravia. The bulk of the illegal explosives were confiscated last year.

Fireworks are a tradition in the holiday season, but officials are working to keep children safe. They have launched a project seeking to prevent even just one child from being burned by fireworks. Last year seven youngsters suffered burns serious enough for hospitalization, said the Hospital Nacional de Niños.

The Unidad Especial de Intervención de la Dirección de Inteligencia y Seguridad Nacional destroyed the illegal material.

Lawmakers have stiffened the penalties for importing and possessing explosive fireworks, and police frequently confiscate fireworks coming in from Nicaragua. Yet serious fireworks are easily purchased all over the country.

As the clock reaches midnight New Year’s Eve Costa Rica has its own version of shock and awe with thousands of rockets lighting the sky.

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