Releasing repeat offenders defeats purpose of justice

Concerning France asking cooperation from Costa Rica for more protection for tourist, I wanted to reply to this yesterday, but not in the way Edward Bridges did in his commentsWednesday. Mr Bridges is right about not trying to defend yourself especially when the perpetrator is armed, but I believe he missed the point of what is happening here in Costa Rica.

While reading this article in Tuesday’s edition, the part that jumped out on me was this paragraph of:

“Cruz would only give the name of one of the two suspects who have been detained. That man is José Luis González. The other suspect was released for cooperating with police, a spokesperson for the Judicial Investigating Organization confirmed.”

José Domingo Cruz is the regional director of the Fuerza Pública. I don’t know who is responsible up the ladder but to release a dangerous person back on the streets to violate more citizens or tourist is a crime in itself. I don’t care how many police Costa Rica adds to its work force, the revolving door justice system here is The Problem. Released just because he cooperated…Give me a break! What is his criminal past. I would love to have that information.

It makes me wonder if anyone has kept records of crimes committed by repeat offenders. And the people whomever they are who continue to put these offenders back on the street are just as responsible as those who commit these crimes. The answer for an overcrowded prison is to put these persons back out in the population to commit more offenses to the honest public. This is the tail wagging the dog.

Tom Ploskina
Nuevo Arenal
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