San Ramón expats to see how the other half lives

After families gather around the dinner table carving turkeys, the Communication Action Alliance has plans to spend the day following Thanksgiving educating persons about the impoverished conditions of Bajo Tejares, San Ramón.

“Sometimes in order to truly appreciate what we have, it would be helpful to spend time with others who are not so lucky,” said Mike Styles in a release.

Community Action Alliance is an expat based group committed to service and volunteerism.  The organization holds monthly events that consists of either fundraisers, seminars or mixers.

The Friday event is a mixer held at the Centro Comunidad Cristiana Misión in Bajo Tejaras.  The center is complete with classrooms and a library and was built by Faithful Servant Missions for the at-risk neighborhood, Styles said.

According to Styles, San Ramón can be classified as a middle-class community.  However, Bajo Tejaras is the center of drug activity in the canton and the 1,000 persons there live in less than ideal conditions.

“Bajo Tejaras is primarily Nicaraguan and many of them are illegal,” he said.  “They don’t have access to many social programs like health care and can’t get jobs. The top three professions are coffee picking, drugs and prostitution, not necessarily in that order.”

The mixer is designed to raise awareness about the barrio.  Youth from the area will provide a choral presentation and give testimonials.

“People can literally hear first hand what is going on in these kids lives,” Styles said.

Afterwards, members will provide information on how persons can help the neighborhood. That includes sponsoring a child and volunteering.

The event is free and open to the public, but patrons are asked to bring donation items from a list that includes soccer balls, basketballs, backpacks, shampoo and hair conditioner, deodorants, flash drives and tuna fish for the food bank.

Those who want to participate they are encouraged to register beforehand by emailing or by calling 8333-8750.

For more information those interested can visit

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