Southern zone celebrates new Liceo Pacifico Sur

Photo by James Petretti
Interior view of the new school

The new 1 billion-colon Liceo Pacifico Sur received the blessings of the local mayor and the president at an inauguration ceremony Friday.

The new colegio or high school took six years of planning. Construction started Jan 11 and was completed at the end of August. There are 27 rooms which include 24 academic classrooms, two computer labs, and an industrial arts shop. The site also includes a cafeteria, two administration rooms, and an equipment storage room.

This new school was built with the project cooperation, administration and monies provided by the Junta de Desarrollo Regional de la Zona Sur, the regionl development agency. Plans are to build a gymnasium, and a soccer /athletic field. The location is in Ojo de Agua de Ciudad Cortés.

In addition to President Laura Chilchilla and Jose Alberto Cole de León, mayor of the Osa canton, there were representatives of the education ministry and lawmakers.

Osa Mayor Alberto Cole and President Laura Chinchilla demonstrate their strength by lifting one of the famous Diquis Delta spheres. Success was certain because this is not a pre-Columbian one but Styrofoam. The humor was part of inauguration of the Liceo Pacifico Sur. James Petretti photo

The school will have a capacity of over 800 students both day and night. This coming school year, starting in February the registered number of students to date is estimated at 725. A new format will be used at the new colegio. Instead of the teachers being mobile with their classes, the teachers will now have their own classroom and the students will commute between periods to their various classrooms. This new change is highly favored by the staff. A classroom can have a personal touch to enhance the students experiences, teachers noted.

Erick Molina Villarreal, the Pacifico Sur director since 2002 has instituted a progressive athletic program with such sports as beach volleyball and beach soccer.

A YouTube video of the Friday ceremonies can be seen at,

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