Surprise afternoon shower drenches downtown and ill-prepared

The rainy season is not giving up without a fight.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said Wednesday that a cold front is approaching the country and is generating more winds and refreshing temperatures.

But the prediction is for continued rain in the afternoon in much of the Pacific coast and the Central Valley.

Pedestrians in downtown San José and in other parts of the Central Valley were surprised by a fast-approaching storm that drenched the ill-prepared at mid-afternoon.
There also is a chance today of evening showers in the central and south Pacific. Meanwhile, the dry season is reported to have already arrived in the north Pacific where the danger today is from strong winds, said the weather institute.

Weather experts reported last week that the dry season was approaching more rapidly this year than normal.

Mid-November was the estimated date for dry weather in the Central Valley, but the south Pacific had to wait until Christmas, institute workers said.

But, of course, dry does not always mean dry, and the Costa Rican weather can throw an occasional curve.

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