The Costa Rican supreme court needs new blood

This newspaper does not share the deep concern shown by others because the legislature tried to sack a sitting magistrate.

Politics aside, the Corte Suprema de Justicia is the top judicial agency. The magistrates are responsible for the conduct of the prosecutors and the judges. By extension, they also are responsible for the conduct of notaries and other lawyers.

For years we have seen ridiculous delays in the judicial system. We have seen wholesale land frauds affecting both Costa Ricans and expats.

We have seen criminals go free by buying their way out of the crime.
We have seen endless delays in cases that are groundless. Andwe have seen allegations of corruption in the judicial process.

We think magistrates have the job of seeing that the system works and that justice prevails. By that standard the current members of the high court are sorely lacking.

The 38 legislators who voted to deny re-election to a current magistrate may have done so for the darkest reasons. But they are on the right track. Something must be done to rupture the complacency that typifies the current judicial system.

We think the Corte Suprema de Justicia need new blood.

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