The long-awaited seasonal transition is taking place now

The dry season will arrive earlier than normal this year, according to the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional.

Costa Ricans usually associate the change in the weather patterns with the arrival of Christmas. But this year, the transition already has started, and residents of the northern Pacific will see the end of the rainy season in a week or 10 days, said the weather institute.

That is not all good news because that area, Guanacaste, also will be facing a drier dry season than normal with less precipitation predicted. The area suffered from drought conditions through September until heavy rains arrived at the end of October.

The Central Valley where a high percentage of residents live, will see the rain lessen and end by the middle of this month, said the institute.

As usual, the seasonal change begins in the north and continues slowly to the south. That is why the central Pacific will see the end of the rainy season in the middle of December, and the southern Pacific will usher in the seasonal change along with Christmas. The institute said in a written report that this year is similar to 2001 and 2008.

The news is good for tourism operators who would be happy to welcome more vacationers in November.

Of course, the season will be reversed on the Caribbean coast where more rain is expected.

The institute also said that five to seven cold fronts will come from the Arctic during the dry season, and these will chill the country and cause heavy rains in the Caribbean. The northern winds are the reason the country has clear skies and lower temperatures from December through March every year.

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