Theft suspect at San José hotel first had a cup of coffee

Do you know this man? He is a suspect in taking a laptop computer. He is pictured putting what appears to be a computer into his bag. The theft took place at a San José hotel. Kaps Place security photos

A sneak thief who may have been a Canadian tricked an employee at a San José hotel and eventually made off with a laptop computer Friday.

The victim, Karolina Bermúdez of Kaps Place in Barrio Aranjuez, released security photos of the man that included his arrival, his discussion with an employee in reception and his theft of the computer.

The man likely has stolen items using the same ploy elsewhere:

The man arrived Friday morning and said he wanted to rent a room.

He said he was waiting for his belongings to arrive and made himself at home in the lobby area of the hotel. He even enjoyed a cup of coffee.

When the emloyees were not paying attention, he grabbed a computer from the reception area and quickly left.

The man identified himself as a Canadian, and Ms. Bermudez said he had blue eyes.

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