Tico Times publisher says news story was incomplete

Dery Dyer of The Tico Times has asked to reply  to A.M. Costa Rica in reference to a news article that appeared Oct. 31. That article is HERE.

The Missing Facts

Because we were not afforded the courtesy of responding beforehand to the incomplete information in Jay Brodell’s innuendo-driven article about The Tico Times’ fundraising campaign Oct. 31, we are making use of our legal right to reply now.

In a recent letter, Mr. Brodell defends his story as “factual” and arrogantly shrugs off his failure to contact us by saying, “…there was not much that needed to be said. The public documents on the Web told the story.”

Oh, really? Please read on.

Following are a few facts which, had we been offered the opportunity to add them, would have made a very different story – a fair and balanced example of good journalism instead of the malicious report that appeared.


The Tico Times has a debt with the Costa Rican Social Security System (Caja).


* The Tico Times’ debts – which are no secret, being the reason we had to suspend the TT’s print edition – have nothing whatsoever to do with the fundraising campaign. The debts are being covered by the sale of properties.

• All of the paper’s debts, including the Caja, are in the process of being paid.


“Some Tico Times readers” questioned how their donations would be spent.  A fact is verifiable. This isn’t. Who were these “readers”?  How many is “some”? Why weren’t “they” identified?


As we’ve reported, we plan to use the $8,000 donated by our readers to cover operating costs until The Tico Times rebuilds as an online-only publication, and we’ll give donors a detailed accounting.

Facts such as these make the difference between The Tico Times being portrayed as a guilty delinquent trying to mislead its readers, or as a responsible 56-year-old company working with integrity to pay its debts and stay alive.

Why were these facts missing?

Dery Dyer, Publisher
The Tico Times
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