Trio held in plot to help applicants pass driving test

Judicial agents arrested three men Thursday who they suspect helped people cheat on their written driver’s tests for a profit, a judicial bulletin said.

The scheme helped people pass only the written part of the driver’s test by placing clients in the same testing room as an evaluator who was part of the conspiracy, according to investigators in the Judicial Investigating Organization.

One man recruited people and got information on when and where they were taking the test. Another brought that information to the test monitor.

A judicial spokesperson identified the men by their last names. The alleged recruiter has the last names of Moya Badilla. The middleman has the last names of Vargas Rodriguez, and the test monitor has the last names of Cordero Rojas. The three men are between the ages of 51 and 56.

All three men were arrested between 8:30 and 9 Thursday morning either at their homes or workplaces.

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