U.S. expresses unhappiness with elections in Nicaragua

The United States Department of State condemned the municipal elections that took place in Nicaragua Sunday for not being sufficiently transparent.

A press release says that Nicaragua’s supreme electoral council mismanaged the campaign season and the elections in ways that benefited the Sandinista ruling party.

The release also reports incidents in which polling officials denied some people the ability to vote, allowed others to vote multiple times, and did not respect voters’ rights to a secret ballot.

The Web site of the Nicaragua’s Consejo Supremo Electoral says that Frente Sandinista de Liberaci√≥n Nacional took more than 80 percent of the vote overall. These elections were for mayors, vice mayors and municipal council seats.

Nicaragua also invited the Organization of American States to observe the elections. The Sandinista party has been widely suspected of rigging elections in its favor.

Election observers from the organization released their own report of the elections Monday. That report says that the elections were not perfectly run and the government can do more to ensure more democratic elections. However, observers did not report any instances of fraud or voters being turned away.

The Department of State did not indicate from where the reports of fraud, denial of privacy and the denial of voters came.

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