Victim of arson attempt identified by investigators

Investigators have identified the U.S. citizen who was kidnapped in his own car, stabbed numerous times and locked in the truck as the vehicle was torched early Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Judicial Investigating Organization said that the man is 41-year-old Mark Lester Metz.

The spokesperson said that some of Metz’ relatives are now in Costa Rica. Metz was treated for several days at Hospital San Juan De Dios without his doctors knowing his name or medical history.

Metz was abducted in his own car by several people early Wednesday morning in the parking lot of a casino near Juan Santamaría airport in Alajuela. Eventually the crooks had him pull over, at which point they stabbed him at least three times in the chest, locked him in the trunk of his car and set the vehicle on fire.

Firefighters were called to the scene quickly enough to rescue Metz, but he still went to the hospital with 48 percent of his body burned, attendants said.

Medical staffers confirmed for several days that he was in very delicate condition, but did not know anything about him.

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