Yikes! Here come the cops, said one crook to another

Good advice for armed robbers would be to make sure the police are not watching when you pull out a gun and try to take money.

Two men violated that work rule Tuesday, and one ended up behind bars.

The Fuerza Pública said the drama played out just 50 meters from a bank in Barrio Carit near the Estación al Pacifico. A messenger was carrying money that train passengers had given the Instituto Costarricense de Ferrocarriles when he was confronted by the two men.

Officers of the Grupo de Apoyo Operacional were in the area looking for fugitives and saw the stickup. They quickly detained the man with the gun, the Fuerza Pública said. The second man fled.

The detained man is a candidate for quick justice at a flagrancia court. Police said the suspect has the last names of Paz Luna.

Police said they also confiscated a .25-caliber pistol and recovered the cash, some 3 million colons or about $6,000.

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