Zapote business operator is first to get online permit

Officials said Wednesday that a Zapote bar owner has become the first person to successfully obtain a business license or patente by use of an online Web site.

The business is Brasero Grill, and the owner, identified as Diego Francisco Guzmán Villalobos, obtained his license in 10 working days.

The Web site is Despite the name, only notaries can actually create a business entity via an online link with the Registro Nacional. But any citizen with the appropriate documents and a digital signature card can obtain a business license as an individual or for a corporation.

In the case of the Zapote establishment, the license came from the Municipalidad de San José.

The owner had to obtain at the same time permits from the Ministerio de Salud and an environmental permit, said the Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Comercio, which promoted the use of the Web site.

The user makes applications for all the required documents online and at the same time, officials said.

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