AmCham says news story requires it to clarify its views

We would like to clarify the following affirmations made in your article entitled “Commerce minister paints optimistic picture of investment,” published Dec 13, as we consider that such affirmations are imprecise and incorrectly attributed to AmCham:

“Additionally, the Costa Rican-American Chamber of Commerce held a summit in October that focused on the theme that the government is standing in the way of Costa Rica becoming competitive for business. “ (A.M. Costa Rica)

“A spokesperson from the chamber noted that the data released by the coalition did not include how many businesses made steps to come to Costa Rica but ultimately chose to go elsewhere. (A.M. Costa Rica)

“The spokesperson also said that businesses that come to Costa Rica could have been successful, but they report that the government could do more to facilitate growth.” (A.M. Costa Rica)

AmCham´s position is the following:

AmCham´s Competitiveness Summit is an annual event that has been held for the last three years in a row. Its objective is to bring together the key players, both public and private, to discuss the issues that affect the country´s competitiveness and propose actions to address them.

Furthermore, although many companies consider Costa Rica as a potential location for their operation, some of them may not decide to establish operations in Costa Rica for various reasons.

In this regard, the press release from the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (named coalition in your article) is focused on the attraction of Foreign Direct Investment for 2012, and not on discussing the reasons why companies may or may not decide to come to Costa Rica.

Finally, please consider that AmCham cannot and does not make assumptions regarding the possible success of companies in Costa Rica. As part of the private sector, we work proactively in identifying improvement areas and proposing solutions to the public sector to improve the country´s competitiveness. This is one of the main objectives of our annual Competitiveness Summit.

Catherine Reuben
Executive Director
Costa Rican-American Chamber of Commerce®

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