Annual cruise season begins as first ship arrives

The Policía Turística y el Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas are stepping up security in Limón now that the first cruise ship of the season has arrived at the docks there.

The cruise season usually lasts until May when warmth returned to the northern part of the hemisphere.

Last year, the country hosted 253 cruise ships, and some 117 are scheduled for the first part of next year, tourism police said.

Officers have been visiting hotels and other places frequented by tourists and handing out informational bulletins with security information, they said.

The cruise ship tourists may only have a day or so in port, but they are a major economic force in Limón and on the Pacific coast. Typically passengers take tours and many even take buses to San José to view the sights there.

Estimates are that some 270,000 tourists come each year on cruise ships.

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