Cable robbed from trucker turning up around the town

Judicial Investigating Organization photo
Some of the stolen cable is still in cardboard boxes.

Bandits stuck up a truck driver last Nov. 5 and relieved him of his load that contained electric cables made in Costa Rica and destined for export.

Monday judicial agents located some of the stolen cable in retail outlets in San José. Then they said they received information that a junk operation in San Sebastián might have more. They searched that location and turned up two tons of the cable, all still in spools, they said.

The truck hijacking is a step up from the normal theft of cable by vagrants and small-time crooks who trim pieces of copper wire from electrical lines around the Central Valley.

In the case of the hijacking, bandits in cars forced the driver to stop just a short distance from the company where he picked up the load. They made off with the truck.

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