Early morning quake jolts Palmares and San Ramón area

Laboratorio de Ingeniería Sísmica graphic
Red dot shows the estimated epicenter

Residents in the Palmares-San Ramón area received a double shock early today when a 4.6 magnitude earthquake took place.

The Laboratorio de Ingeniería Sísmica at the Universidad de Costa Rica said that the shock was felt in most of the central area of the country.

The estimated epicenter was 2.7 kilometers north of Palmares Centro and 4.4 kilometers east southeast of San Ramón Centro.

The time was 12:55 a.m.

The shocks were felt strongly in the Central Valley and in San Pedro. The earthquake appeared to generate two waves a few seconds apart.

A 4.6-magnitude earthquake has the potential to jolt persons out of their bed but that magnitude is unlikely to cause major damage. There is a good chance that some articles were knocked to the floor and damaged near the epicenter.

The Facebook page of the Red Sismológica Nacional de Costa Rica quickly generated 560 messages from persons who felt the quake. Most described it as strong, but one person in Playa del Coco said the sensation was weak.

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