Education of women is the key to birth rate

In response to Mr. Edwards’ letter.

The issue now is not reduction of the population along racial lines, but reduction of the overall population. How? Education of women is the key.

Check this fact: The more education a woman has, the fewer children she chooses to have. Your reference to a “demographic winter” is based on nations where women have full access to education.

Giving “alms” is never the answer. What you do not work for, you do not value. That’s why one of our sayings begins, “Give a man a fish….” – you know the rest. Here, too, education is the answer.

As to your references to God, get a grip. Whose god: Jew/Christian/Muslim? Is that as far as your thinking goes? How about ‘which god’ – Hindus have many. So do Native Americans. We will get much further in discussions without reference to a deity.
Lawrence Torley

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