Electronic waste sought to recycle in Desamparados

Parque la Libertad and municipal officials in Desamparados and other sponsors are inviting the community to bring electronic waste to the park today from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The campaign, Campaña de Recolección de Residuos Tecnológicos, is a part of an effort to make the community more environmentally friendly, a release said.

Materials the park is collecting include printers, ink cartridges, toners, CPUs, laptops, monitors, motherboards, power supplies, keyboards, mouse, cables, routers, phones, cell phones and their batteries, televisions, audio and video equipment, household appliances and alkaline dry cell batteries.

The address of the park is 350 meters north of Palí in Fátima and 200 meters to the east, or in front of Plaza de Futbol de Río Azul.

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