Escalating luxury taxes driving people from homes

As reported in A.M. Costa Rica, if the decree appears to increase the square-meter value of dwellings as much as 40 percent, then a home built three years ago for $160,000 will be considered a luxury home, and at this rate in a few years most homes will be luxury homes. Therefore owning a home will become a luxury. So most of us will be driven into slums instead of getting out of them.

The Poor can not pay taxes. They can not afford to pay taxes and rightfully so. If they are forced in anyway, we will have riots on the streets.

Rich have too many loopholes and find ways to avoid taxes. Rich are the influential landlords who own millions in land properties, but that is not considered luxury and conveniently left untouched.

That leaves the middle class, the quiet, unsung and honest by default, idiots to be squeezed from every direction. So if the cost of building a $200,000 home has gone up to $280 thousand in three years, then the threshold of luxury should be $280,000 not the other way around. I hope someone out there is intelligent enough to realize that and take action.

Tired of being squeezed by taxes.

Abdul Mohamed
Sabana Oeste
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