Hackers derail U.N. Internet conference

Hackers successfully attacked a Web site Wednesday and caused a network outage at a major U. N. technology conference where experts have gathered to discuss how to facilitate international information and communication services.

The U.N. agency involved blamed criminal gangs.

According to conference organizers, responsibility for the disruption has been claimed by cyber criminal groups, in response to claims that the World Conference on International Communications, which is being held in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is trying to restrict freedom online.

These claims have been repeatedly denied by the conference’s organizing body, the International Telecommunications Union.

“It is ironic that the very people who claim to be fighting for a free Internet are preventing those around the world trying to follow the event online from getting access. Do they believe in one rule for them, and one for everyone else?” said Hamadoun Touré, the Telecommunications Union’s secretary general.

The hacking attack prevented delegates, about 2,000 conference participants and the media from accessing some online working documents that were being considered by the meeting.

The 11-day conference – which is slated to run until next Friday – brings an estimated 2,000 delegates from 193 nations together to review the current International Telecommunications Regulations, which functions as the binding global treaty designed to facilitate international interconnection of information and communication services, as well as ensuring their efficiency and widespread public usefulness and availability.

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