He wants to sue over service that is much less than promised

The largest monopoly of Costa Rica is ICE hands down. The idea that the Central American Free Trade Agreement was going to benefit the masses is a bold faced lie. Two words that do not exist in ICE’s business plan is “customer service” and the two words that do stand out in their business plan are “rate hikes.” One of the long standing jokes since I have been here for eight years is generic, but fits the workers of ICE on the road. How many ICE workers does it take to change a light bulb? The answer being (5), One to change the bulb and (4) to hold the ladder. I don’t know where their profits are going, but it is definitely not in customer service.

I live in Nuevo Arenal, and we have been dealing with this Kolbi issue since its inception. We were excited here and all bought into it. Promised in the beginning was 1 MB. Of course we infrequently attained that speed. Then they offered 2mb, the cost being over $30 per month. The service has certainly not been what has been promised.

The local office here is inept at solving our problems. They tell us there is nothing they can do. They promise that a tech could come and never follow up. We are told to call an 800 number to report it before they could do anything and after waiting up to half hour, someone answers and says that they can’t do anything until we take our equipment to the local office and prove that its not working.

The local office says that they have already reported it. Not one person has taken the time to resolve this. Obviously the problem is in the tower and no one cares to fix it. For 10 days now, the connection has been failing. Its been reported by multiple customers to no avail and as of yesterday, there is no plan to fix it. See the photo for the speed we receive. 2000 is the speed we are paying for…120 is what we are receiving.

The worst part is that we are required to pay the $30 plus per month for less than a quarter of the service. We are told that we are beyond the 3 kilometers of the tower and have to live with this. If we are receiving a quarter of the service and paying for the full service, why are we not discounted if this is true. No one has ever offered a rebate for this horrible service. Just try going over the head of your local office. It is impossible. I have a loss of business and countless time visiting the local office to complain.

I don’t care what is will cost, but I will have my day in court. I am going to file suit against this monster to have monies returned to me for service that was never delivered. If anyone wants to join me they are welcome. My email for this venture is pjames1919@yahoo.com I am committed to see this through all the way to the top people at ICE.

Customer service should be number one, but when you have no competition who cares. Especially now in the area of this Kolbi and the internet. After we have dealt with the devil with China and have evicted Taiwan, a host of donations who some interpret as free have flooded the country. If anyone thinks these donations of police cars, motorcycles, stadium, Chinatown have come with compassion is in la la land. The country is now flooded with cheap products that are overpriced by the money that Costa Rica adds to the cost that actually in the long run hurts the economy here. Many of these goods could be built here and add endless jobs for the Costa Ricans.

Tom Ploskina
Nuevo Arenal

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