Here’s a smashing idea to boost cuisine in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is many things, but it is not the mecca of world food. Tico grub is a bit plain.

But now comes a fast-food hamburger outlet with unique products tailored for Costa Rica.

First there is the Costa Rica Burger, described as hamburg topped with chorizo, grilled Turrialba cheese, refried black beans, fried potato sticks, and Lizano cilantro mayo on a classic egg bun.

Then there are the Pejibaye Frites, described as a side of flash-fried and seasoned peach palm fruit with cilantro mayo, or portabello mushroom fries. Pejibayes are those orange and green fruit bobbing in the heated water in supermarkets. The pejibaye is a product of a towering tree Bactris gasipaes.
The fruits also make a great soup HERE!

Now the French probably are not eating their hearts out over the new addition to Costa Rican culinary arts, but the new twists on traditional foods is at least a start.

The firm is called Smashburger, and its first Costa Rican outlet opened Saturday in the new Lincoln Plaza in Moravia. The firm said its local partner was Richard Eisenberg of QSR International. The Denver, Colorado,-based firm said that 17 more outlets are planned for Costa Rica. Plans include outlets in other Latin American locations.

The company’s name reflects the unusual way a ball of hamburg meat is pushed onto a cooking surface in order, as the company says, to sear and lock in the juices of the burger. The company also tries to create regional menus, like the Costa Rica Burger.

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