High court declines to adjudicate flap over Christmas lottery

The Sala IV Constitutional Court has rejected an appeal against the nation’s lottery commission.

The appeal was lodged by the Federación Nacional de Asociaciones de Consumidores, which was unhappy because there was no winner in the Christmas lottery.

The federation brought the complaint against the Junta de Protección Social de San José, which runs the lottery.

When the winning lottery number was pulled Dec. 16, the Junta had to admit that the five tickets had not been sold. In fact, only 80 percent of the available lottery tickets were sold.

So the Junta quickly declared itself the winner and said that prize money, some $2.4 million a ticket, would be used for its social work.

Not just the federation was unhappy. The action was a major public relations disaster for the Junta, if grumbles on the street can be trusted. And a lottery that took place Sunday had a lot fewer sold tickets than expected.

Most figured the Junta should have rolled over the prize money for a future lottery. However, the Sala IV decided not to address the issue, said the Poder Judicial.

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