Home invaders beat and tie up three men in Bello Horizonte

A group of robbers invaded a home in Bello Horizonte de Escazú Tuesday night and attack three men who were there.

The three men were beaten, gagged and left lying on the floor while the robbers pillaged the house, said a bulletin from the Judicial Investigating Organization.

The attack began at 11:50 p.m. Tuesday night according to the bulletin, while the three victims were playing a game of table soccer.

It is not clear if the robbers broke into the home or if the door was unlocked, but the report said that the men entered violently wearing scarves with masked faces.

Officials said the intruders threatened to shoot the victims if they resisted, but they did not report if the victims actually saw the guns.

A judicial spokesperson would not identify the victims or specify where the home is in Bello Horizonte. She did say that witnesses were not able to clearly remember how many suspects took part in the robbery.

The press release said that the robbers left the home with several flat screen television sets, several cell phones, cash, jewelry, a safe and other items that were not specifically mentioned.

Bello Horizonte is a relatively upscale section of Escazú populated by many expats. But the judicial spokesperson said the victims were all Costa Ricans.

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