Immigration police detain second forgery suspect

Immigration police have arrested the last person in what they suspect to be the group that created false residency documents and sold them to foreigners.

The arrested man, who was identified by the last name of Solis, was detained on the public road in an area called Ciudadela López Mateo at San Sebastián earlier in the week. Solis is suspected to be the leader of the group who created and sold fake labor permits and cédulas, said an immigration spokesman.

Immigration police began investigating the persons for distributing false cédulas in September, after receiving an anonymous complaint, they said.

They then arrested a man with the last names of Castillo Rojos Nov. 16.

According to immigration officials, the customers of the men were mostly Nicaraguan citizens who live in La Uruca and gather around Parque la Merced and Parque Central. Would-be bus drivers took advantage of the work permits, they said.

These persons paid 45,000 colons for work permits and 65,000 colons for cédulas.

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