Judicial agents pay a visit to home of laundering suspect

Judicial investigators went to the home of a man caught with large amounts of money last week and found 2 million colons, they said Monday. That’s about $4,000.

The 38-year-old man, who has the last name of Abarca, was stopped in a pickup near the Zurquí tunnel Wednesday, and investigators located $650,000 in the truck, they said.

So in an investigation of money laundering, the agents decided to search the man’s home in Santo Domingo de Heredia.

The individual is the same one who was detained in 2006 when agents found $2 million in U.S. dollars and 1,400 kilos of cocaine. He was on conditional liberty, similar to parole, when he was stopped last week, agents said.

The search Monday was not so much for the money but for documentation about possible crimes.

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