Modernistic portal draws favorable and unfavorable reviews

Visitors take a look at the Teatro Nacional portal that is in the theater garden. One is in the process of making a photo of the modernistic display. A.M. Costa Rica/Kayla Pearson

The inauguration of the Teatro Nacional portal was last Saturday, and as patrons viewed the nativity scene they also wondered “What’s with the box?”

“The design is hard to explain,” said architect William Monge. “There was no special theme this year.”

Instead, Monge described the portal as contemporary.

In the past, the portal has had many forms and depicted scenes that were ecological, historical and traditional, to name a few, he said.

Monge explained that in the development stages, various persons get together and go through Powerpoint presentations
of the past nativity scenes. In this time they discuss what they liked and disliked about the formal portals and what direction they wanted the current year to follow.

The outcome is based on what the director of the theater wants, what materials are available and what will capture the attention of tourists and residents, he said.

Many persons gaze from afar at Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in a futuristic box structure and remark on the beauty of the scene. But they also give critiques.

One man said to another in passing that the portal was too low and he didn’t like the awkward location, while another man told his wife he didn’t like the non-traditional scene.

Still, the portal is enough to catch one’s eyes and earn a few “que lindo.”

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