Population control is a matter of choice

I would like to reply to Mr. Edwards’ assertion that Western Civilization is materialistic and that population control is a ruse to decrease minorities.

It is true that we in the West are pretty spoiled.  Many Third World peoples live their life without all the gadgets, gizmos and flat screens that seem to be considered necessities in our world.  How many of the poor would turn down the opportunity to be one of these spoiled westerners if it were offered? I think you will find materialism in all nations around the world. Just look at how many Third World leaders started out with their peoples interest at heart and later turned into the materialistic dictators with the help of U.S. foreign aid.

Mr. Edwards has made the statement “There are poor and hungry people in this world because of warfare, famine, and selfishness.” Perhaps he should realize that;  1)  warfare is the result of too many people on too little land, 2) famine is the result of too many people eating too little food, and 3) selfishness is too many people wanting too few things.

Population control is a matter of choice. You can choose to control the number of people living on the earth, or in time, the problem will take care of itself. A dog can tolerate a limited number of fleas on its back. When the number is too great, the dog will take a dip in the water,  and the flea problem will be solved.

Dan Jackson
Calhan, Colorado
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