Six held as anti-drug agents act against international ring

Judicial agents arrested six men Wednesday afternoon in connection to an ongoing international drug trafficking case.

According to a bulletin from the Judicial Investigating Organization, agents also raided the suspects’ homes and a warehouse Thursday morning where they seized six vehicles and three guns, in addition to the two vehicles and two guns they took Wednesday afternoon.

Investigators connected these men to the case of a 40-year-old man who was arrested Tuesday while driving a truck containing more than 300 kilograms of cocaine.

According to the bulletin, investigators have been building a case on these men who seem to have formed a fairly new drug trade organization. Investigators have connected them with various drug trafficking groups in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador and to a seizure of cocaine in a shipment near Tortuguero in September.

The bulletin said that these men were responsible for picking up cocaine shipments coming into the country from Panamá and South America by land and sea and depositing them at an ice-maker firm in a warehouse located in Cuajiniquil. From there, the drugs were loaded on a boat destined for El Salvador, agents said.

Agents learned how the drugs would be transported Tuesday afternoon, and stopped the first suspect driving a red Isuzu vehicle carrying 317 kilograms of cocaine along Ruta 27. This vehicle contained hidden compartments as well as some of the tools necessary to make those compartments, officials said.

The next narcotics investigators caught the other six suspects one by one Wednesday between 1 p.m. and 10 p.m. on public streets in Alajuela and Heredia, the bulletin said. In these operations, agents confiscated two cars and two guns.

The bulletin went on that on Thursday agents raided three of the suspects’ homes in San José as well as another home and the building containing the ice-making firm in Cuajiniquil. In these raids, agents seized five cars, a truck and three guns.

Laws state that the government may take possession of all of a suspected drug trafficker’s property, and once he or she is convicted, auction it off to the public using the proceeds for various anti-drug campaigns.

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