Suspects in expat burning jailed for three months

A criminal court judge has jailed two men who are suspects in robbing, stabbing and trying to incinerate a U.S. expat. But a woman involved in the case was freed on the condition that she sign in with prosecutors every 15 days.

These are the suspects in the Mark Lester Metz case.

Metz was lured to a meeting by individuals who said they wanted to buy vehicles or property. That was Nov. 7. The persons who are suspected of attacking Metz were identified by the last names of Ricon Gallega, a 30-year-old Colombian, Brown Vega, a 43-year-old Costa Rican and Ugalde Vasquez, the 40-year-old Costa Rican woman.

The two men were jailed for three months each of preventative detention, said the Poder Judicial.

The woman was identified Monday as the girlfriend of the Colombian man.

Metz was abducted in his own car from a parking lot in Alajuela. Eventually the crooks had him pull over, at which point they stabbed him at least three times in the chest, locked him in the trunk of his car and set the vehicle on fire. He survived.

Agents said they thought the abductors arranged the meeting because they incorrectly thought that Metz would arrive with a lot of cash.

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