System with guns in the U.S. shows something is amiss

It pains me to read this stuff about gun control. How many innocent U.S. children must die? How many times must President Obama attend at these senseless tragedies? How many more mothers and fathers must lose their children before this is fixed?

Yes, I agree, we are given free will however, the U.S. has historically chosen where to allow free will to be free will!

The U.S. (and the rest of the world) doesn’t allow you to take a gun on a flight. Historically, some U.S. citizens have had more freedom that others.

Might want to look at the history of Black Americans in the U.S.

I have gleaned these figures from the Internet. Where they may not be accurate they clearly show the discrepancy in the system.

The UK, according to Piers Morgan, has very strict gun control laws. All the countries noted have very diverse populations.

Country Population # deaths
UK 62,700,000 58
CANADA 34,880,554 554
USA 313,000,000 8,775

Ellen van Dyk
Grecia. Alajuela

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